Why does your Business Need a Website?

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 How many times have you checked the reviews for a product/service before buying it ?

 How about while standing in the actual store?

 How likely are you to buy from a business that doesn’t exist online?

Sure, you may give them a shot; but not all of us live life on the edge. Imagine going skydiving without any reviews, video clips, or success rates prior to attending. Okay, maybe not all buying decisions are as risky, but we have always been dependent on word of mouth. And now an easily accessible form of communication is right in our pockets. A way for the socially anti-social to review an investment and protect their interest. But both businesses and customers miss out on great opportunities when the business doesn’t understand the value of online real estate. Small business that haven’t made the transition to the web; or at least have added it to their marketing tool-belt,  are quickly going out of business or feeling the decline in sales as Millennials lead the way to a new ever-connecting virtual world.

  The ability to reflect your brand and directly engage your audience both in person and online, has risen to the forefront of both e-commerce and small business trends. By investing in a website; brands, businesses, and creatives have the ability to control their narrative, reach new markets, gain credibility, exceed customer expectations, and drastically increase sales for their brand. And without further to do, let’s get into the Top 5 Reasons Why your Business needs a Website.

     1.Control Your Narrative

 It’s a fact that you can’t control what others say about your brand online, especially when it comes to social media platforms. We have all witnessed crazy comments, Direct@ disagreements, and businesses being blasted for messing up. But the one thing you definitely have control over is your website. You can influence public perception by creating your own story. You have more power over what your website represents and does for your client, than you do by uploading motivational memes.

  1. Reach New Markets

As of now there are 1.3 billion websites on the internet, and 3.8 billion internet users to date. Websites are accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. By having a website, not only are you telling potential clients that you exist, but you are also granted the ability to explore new customer bases and expand your brand beyond the US.

  1. Gain Credibility

   We now live in a world where people Google before they shop. It’s extremely vital to position yourself online with a strong and professional destination that gives your customers the impression you mean business. Window shopping is no longer what it used to be and you need to back-up your brand and business with content that builds your credibility. Consumers are immediately passing judgement and making decisions about whether they will visit your store. Your website is like an online-brochure, and you need to make the most of the opportunity. Become a guru about your brand and become a reliable source of value for your customer.

  1. Exceed Customer Expectations

  Your client is going to expect you to have a website, that is a fact. 6/10 customers expect brands to provide online content about the business on some form of digital property.  But what you can do to satisfy and retain your customer with your website goes beyond any traditional marketing. You’re able to identify your audiences concerns and cater to them by creating content and producing products that they actually need. You can engage and build a personal rapport with your supporters and show them what your business is really about.  Through email marketing, blogs, customer feedback surveys, online courses, etc, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Increase Sales

 Now this is one of the main reasons why people invest in websites. They understand the general concept, but expect the site to the do the work for them; and of course that’s not the case. A website is just like any other “Brick and Mortar” storefront in the way that you still need to draw the traffic and have a great product. But it differs in the fact that you will never need to hang that “Closed for Business” sign at the end of the day. Your site is up 24/7, never restricting your clients by geography or preferred shopping time. Your website will sell and promote your products around the clock, greatly increasing earning potential. The fact that the internet allows you to reach audiences globally is a game changer for possible revenue. You ideal buyer may be on a whole other continent for all you know, and with your website you no longer have to wonder. You will be able to track and offer sales promotions, retain clients with targeted coupons, and issue a business blog or newsletter to consistently provide your customer with a reason to come back. When you fully utilize your website to be a direct reflection of your brand and values, you will see a significant impact on both your online presence and business sales .

  There are many other reasons why a website is vital in the success of today’s businesses and brands. The internet has truly become a gateway for endless connections and business success. Here at Skylow Affiliates, we recognized the importance of a strong online presence and wanted to make this resource more accessible for brands and businesses locally.


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